A fully comprehensive property guide with up to date information and advice on how to navigate Mallorca's real estate market

Everything you need to know about buying property in Mallorca, from house searches and viewings to relocating to the island. How to find the right property, using an independent lawyer, taxes and fees you will have to pay and all the legal, fiscal and administrative processes required to buy property in Mallorca.

  • Buying property in Mallorca

     Buying property in Mallorca

    The definitive Mallorca Property Guide. All about buying property in Mallorca, from understanding the local real estate market to the final buying process.

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Top tips, advice and assistance navigating the real estate market in Mallorca.
Up to date property guide on all aspects related to real estate in Mallorca, from finding the perfect home to relocating to the island. Help understanding the Spanish tax system, legal issues and administrative procedures, banking abroad and how to make the most out of your investment in Mallorca.

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